Candidate FAQ

What is the cost of CIMA’s services to job seekers

There  is no cost to job seekers.

Do you have a general mailbox for resumes, or do I have to apply for a specific job?
Yes, if you’d like to be considered for employment but don’t see a current job posting on our Careers page that matches your skills and experience, we encourage you to join our talent network by submitting your resume here:  Send Resume
Does CIMA hire Permanent Residents and/or individuals with valid work permits?

Positions are open to any job-seeker eligible  to work in the United  States. This includes those with valid Employment Authorization Documents, those with valid United  States Permanent Resident Cards  (also known as Green Cards), and  others eligible  to work in the United  States as described on Department of Homeland Security document  I-9.

Where can I learn more about CIMA?

Please follow us on LinkedIn.

How can I contact a CIMA representative?

Send us a message here or simply send an email to

Looking for the right job, right now?

Looking for the right job, right now?

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